Latest News

Labadok Development is currently working on the design, construction and developmentof a modern and standard bespoke innovation/shared office/co-working space withfull design and build to a client who allowed us to show our creativity.

Labadok Technologyis working on a software development to allow for proper aggregation and monitoring of our client’sdatabase.

On-going Projects

Project Carried Out

  • Refurbishing of entire building
  • Maintenance and renovation of lobby areas, lift and lighting area of reception and communal areas
  • A bespoke website is being designed for our law client
  • Civil works carried out on four-storey church in VGC
  • Renovation of office floors from the exterior to interior
  • Renovation of penthouse
  • Office Renovation at Marina, Lagos Island
  • Assessment and Repair of Rainwater Leakage into Property
  • Brand Development
  • Monitoring & Reporting Platform of Music Airspace
  • Renovation of our interior partners showroom
  • Building a new bespoke website for Oil and Gas firm websites.
  • Design and build of state of the art 5 Bedroom mansion in Nicon Town Estates